In-depth conversations on emerging and evolving research topics and original ideas with researchers, explorers and thought leaders from around the world.

Featured Conversation

Future & Recent Guests

  • Professor Sara Seager, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Professor Paul Halpern, University of Sciences in Philadelphia
  • Professor John Hattie, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Wendy Freedman, University of Chicago

Upcoming Topics

  • Exoplanets
  • Einstein vs. Schrodinger
  • Giant Magellan Telescope
  • Artificial Intelligence (ongoing theme)
  • Big Data: A game changer or just a hype
  • History of Mathematics
  • Big Bang, Inflation, Multiple Universes: How did it all start and what is the fate of our universe? (ongoing theme)
  • Education: What works and what does not?

Ongoing Curiosities

  • Our Fascinating Brain
  • Consciousness Quest
  • Our Contested Origins
  • Intriguing History of Knowledge and Ideas
  • Our Unfolding Universe
  • Physics: Spooky & Puzzling at Quantum Level, Compelling at Cosmic Scale
  • Imagining Our Future
  • Education, Teaching & Learning
  • Self Assessment: Managing Life and Careers
  • Curiosity and Creativity

Featured Guests

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